Covers Legal Liability to pay damages, arising out of use of the insured vehicle within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Third Parties in respect of Bodily Injuries/ Death and/or Physical Damage to property up to SR. 10,000,000.- any one occurrence and in aggregate subject to Policy conditions.


In addition to Third Party Liability, it covers other Accidental and Malicious Damages to the insured car up to the Declared Value (Sum Insured).


Private Cars used for social domestic purposes.
Commercial Vehicles used for business purposes.
Diplomatic Cars


Personal Accident Benefits to Driver and Passengers
Geographical Area Extension
Age Extensions
Agency Repair


The amount of Excess
Electrical/ Mechanical Breakdown
Use of Vehicle as Tool of Trade.
Consequential Loss of any type.
Accidents outside the Geographical Area
Normal Wear & Tear, Damage to Tyres by application of brakes or by Punctures, Cuts or Bursts.
Use of vehicle other than in accordance with the Limitations as to Use
Use of Vehicle for Rallying, Racing, Pace Making, Reliability Trials or Speed Testing.
Use of Vehicle by any Person other than the Insured or the Authorized driver.
Fines, penalties, Bonds or cautions that may be impose.

The following information is required to purchase a Motor Insurance Policy:

Personal Information:

Full Name
Date of Birth
ID/ IQAMA Number
Contact Details (Home/ Mobile/ Fax/ e-Mail/ Additional (Wasel) Address)

Information of Vehicle to be insured:

Make/ Model/ Body Type
Plate Number
Type of Plate
Chassis Number
Sequence Number
Year of Manufacture
Seating Capacity
Color of Vehicle
Value (Sum Insured)
Number & Amount of claims incurred during past three years

Required Coverage:

Comprehensive or Third Party Liability
Agency or Non-agency Repair

Additional Benefits & Extensions

Personal Accident Benefits to Driver Only
Personal Accident Benefits Driver and Passenger (up to full seating capacity)
Age Extension to underage Drivers (18 –to- 21 years)
Geographical Extension

What is meant by deductible and depreciation?

Deductible is the fixed amount to be paid by the policyholder in the event of a claim.

Depreciation is the percent rate at which the new for old parts are depreciated when used to repair the damaged car, or the percentage of decrease in the car value due to use.

Is it necessary to complete and sign the Insurance Proposal Form?

It is necessary to complete and sign the Proposal Form since the information given herein forms the basis of the contract of insurance.

Will the contribution be reduced for the next year?

Yes, when the client reduces the market value of the car at the renewal time and/or has no claims during the year.

Will the foreign vehicles be insured?

Foreign Vehicles registered in the GCC Countries can be insured.

Will the Company provide me with a hire car facility during the repair of my insured car?

Yes, if you are entitled to a hire car facility. This extension of cover is provided optionally against an additional premium

Is completing and signing the Proposal Form be considered an acceptance or not?

Completing the Proposal Form does not bind the cover, unless it is countersigned by the Employee of the Company.

Will my car be repaired in case of mechanical breakdown or failure and wear & tear with no exposure to a motor accident/ collision?

The car will not be repaired in the case of mechanical breakdown or failure and wear & tear if there is no exposure to a covered accident.

When the repair of insured car will be effected?

The repair will be effected upon completing the claim documents e.g. the Claim Form, Repair Permit, Police/ Najm Report.

What are the car models acceptable for insurance?

Vehicles of Models up to 10 years are acceptable for Comprehensive insurance, and up to 20 years for Third Party Liability insurance.

What does the “authorized driver” mean? Who is he and what is his description?

The authorized driver is any person who has a Saudi Driving License and is driving the car or use it upon permission of the Insured, provided that he observes and strictly complies by the policy conditions and is governed by the policy terms as if he is the Insured himself and he should not be entitled to indemnification under another insurance policy.

In case there is a “slight collision” prior to making insurance to the car, will the Company accept finalizing insurance?

The car should be in sound condition when presented for insurance, and any prior damages should be repaired before finalizing the insurance.

If a trailer is linked with my Vehicle will it be covered within the Policy?

The trailer is covered with the Vehicle if its value and details were declared.

How the loss is settled to the Insured?

The loss is normally settled either by repair, reinstate or replace the car or any part thereof or its accessories or spare parts or pay in cash the amount of the loss or damage. The liability of the company shall not exceed the value of the parts lost or damaged and the reasonable cost of fitting such parts. If such parts or accessories are unobtainable or outdated, indemnification for said parts or accessories shall not be in excess of either the latest manufacturer’s price list or quoted price.

If I insured my car at an amount above its actual value, will the Company indemnify me by the payment of that amount?

No, because upon occurrence of any accident the Company will not pay more the actual value of the car at the time of occurrence. Therefore, the insurance to the car should be effected in its actual value, no more or less.

How can I renew my Policy for the next year?

The Company will send to you a Renewal Notice sufficiently in advance of insurance expiration date. You have to complete this Notice and send it to the Company and pay the contribution through any of the methods approved. You may visit any of the branches/ offices to pay the contribution and receive the renewed policy.

These questions and answers are designed to help clarify some of the concepts, but are not considered a legal reference to any dispute, as the first reference will be the insurance policy and its terms.

Mr. Abdul Moneim Mohammed Ali
Technical Manager
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Mobile: +966 593624554


Mr. Raid Khalifa

Assistant Manager
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Mr. Jasim Al-Koaiibi

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Mobile: +966 542777889


Table of Benefits (summary)

Maximum Benefit limit for each person each year

SR 250,000

Out-patient Clinic Treatment Charges:Deduction/Portability: the percentage paid by the beneficiary(the insured) when calling on an outpatient physician inclusive all what the doctor does in terms of consultation, requests for laboratory tests, x-rays and medicine, and any other treatment requirements. Also follow up visit and referral for same disease and not for each procedure separately.

20% for each visit subject to a maximum of SR 100 per visit

Maximum consultation fee:General Practitioner

SR 50


SR 100


SR 150

Rare specialization such as cardiac, brain and nuero surgery, blood vessels surgery and micro specializations as per Saudi Health Specializations Board. (Beneficiary examined according to services provision sequence except when service is not available in the service providing facility)

SR 250

In-patient charges:


Daily accommodation and catering limit for patient including bed, nursing, visits, medical supervision and catering. Medicines and medical supplies requested by the doctor are excluded.

Shared room, maximum SR 600/day

Daily accommodation and catering limit for accompanying person

Shared room, maximum SR 150/day

Pregnancy and delivery includes Normal Delivery, Post-natal and anti-natal services. However, Caesarean Section, legal Abortion and maternity complications are covered up to policy limit. (if the employee is on married status)

Maximum SR 15,000 during the policy period

Delivery of premature child

Maximum policy benefit limit


Maximum benefit SR 2,000 during the policy period


Maximum benefit SR 200 during the policy period


Maximum benefit SR 100,000 during the policy period

Acute psychiatric cases

Maximum SR 15,000 during the policy period

Repatriation of remains of deceased to original country

Maximum SR 10,000 during the policy period

Area of cover

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Emergency Treatment

Inside and Outside KSA for 60 days while in vacation or business trips.

The type of treatments not covered?

1. Injury caused deliberately by the person.

2. Illnesses, caused by misuse of certain medicaments, stimulants, tranquilizers or by consumption of alcoholic drinks, drugs and the like.

3. Plastic surgery or treatment unless necessitated by an accidental bodily injury not excluded in this part.

4. Full checkups, vaccinations, drugs or preventive procedures that do not require any medical treatment stipulated in this policy (with the exception of the preventive procedures stated by the Ministry of Health such as, vaccinations and maternity & childhood care).

5. Treatment related to pregnancy and delivery for a woman on a single status contract.

6. Free of charge treatment of an insured person.

7. Rest, general body health programs and treatment at social welfare houses.

8. Any illness or injury resulting directly from the profession of the insured.

9. Treatment of genital diseases or the medically recognized diseases that are communicated by sexual intercourse.

10. The treatment expenses for the period following the diagnosis of HIV or the diseases related to HIV including AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) their derivatives, synonyms or other forms thereof.

11. All costs related to teeth implantation, dentures, bridgework (fixed & removable) or orthodontics excluding those resulting from violent external actions.

12. Tests for correction of sight or hearing and audio-visual aids, unless requested by a licensed physician.

13. Expenses of transportation within and between the Kingdom’s cities of an insured by transportation mean “other” than ambulances belonging to the Saudi Arabian Red Crescent Association and authorized ambulances.

14. Alopecia, baldness or wigs.

15. Psychotherapy, mental or neurotic disorders excluding acute cases, as per policy schedule.

16. Allergy tests of whatever nature excluding those related to drugs, diagnosis or treatment.

17. Equipment, aids, drugs, procedures or treatment by hormones for birth control, inducing or preventing pregnancy, sterility, impotence, infertility, tube fertilization or any others means of artificial insemination.

18. Any defects or congenital deformities, unless they pose threat to the insured’s life, except cases that should be treated according to a medical decision by the Council’s approved health facility.

19. Any additional costs or expenses incurred by the person escorting the insured during his hospitalization or stay in hospital with the exception of hospital accommodation & boarding costs for one escort per an insured, i.e. the accompanying of the mother of her child- up to twelve years old or whenever this is medically necessary, all at the discretion of the treating doctor.

20. Treatment of acne or any other treatments related to obesity or overweight.

21. Cases of implanting transplanted organs and bone marrow transplantation or implantation of artificial organs that replace any body organ.

22. Personal hazards mentioned in the definitions part of this document.

23. Medicines and treatment methods of alternative medicine.

24. Artificial and supporting limbs except those required by the insured’s condition according to a medical decision by the Council’s approved health facility.

25. Physiological changes of the female menopause, including changes in menstruation.

This policy will not cover health benefits and repatriation of the remains to country of origin if claims are directly arising from the following:

  1. War, invasion, foreign enemy actions, aggressive actions (whether war declared or not) and civil war.
  2. Ionic radiation and contamination with radioactive material resulting from nuclear fuel or any nuclear waste resulting from the burning of nuclear fuel.
  3. The radioactive, poisonous, explosive properties or any other hazardous properties of any nuclear materials stored or any of their components.
  4. The insured involvement or participation in the service of the armed forces, police or their operations.
  5. Riots, strikes, terrorism or any similar acts.

Why medical insurance is a necessity?

Medical insurance is becoming increasingly important for people particularly where local medical facilities may be unable to provide the treatment you need or inaccessible and/or when Private facilities are often expensive. With global medical inflation rising annually, it is a fact that a serious illness or injury could not only cause physical impairments but also severely impact a person’s financial. This is why in today’s world; quality Medical Insurance is a necessity rather than a luxury. Having a medical insurance gives you a choice of where and how quickly you can be treated.

Medical Insurance in Saudi Arabia?

Following the Royal Decree No. M/10 dated 1/5/1420 H and the rules of implementation therefore issued by Ministry Of Health Resolution No.460/23/1 Dated 27/3/1423H, medical insurance is now compulsory for all the foreign or citizens workers and their dependents living in Saudi Arabia working in the private sector. In a phased manner, over a period of time, this could be extended to include all Saudi Nationals.

What types of treatment are covered? These are some of the most common categories:

  • In-Patient: Admission to a hospital for treatment or investigations for which you stay for one or more nights.
  • Day-care: Admission to a hospital for treatment or investigations but for which you are not required to stay overnight
  • Out-Patient: Treatment or investigations at hospital or clinic by a medical practitioner but where you are not admitted either as in-patient or day care patient.

Area of Cover?

  • The basic cover provides for treatment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Out of Area of Cover?

Can the policy be extended for treatment outside the area of cover? Yes, this option is available for group schemes on the basis of written request received from the proposer and appropriate terms agreed upon. Out-of-area cover gives you the reassurance that you will be covered in countries outside Saudi Arabia, whether travelling on business or for pleasure. While there are limits to the amounts you can claim, this does provide you with both in-patient and out-patient cover for emergency treatment of sudden illness.

Once you’ve chosen your medical insurance policy the most important thing you need to know is how to make a claim for treatment.

Arranging treatment & Pre authorization for treatment:

This is a process whereby the Customer Service Supervisor will review information to make sure that the insured’s medical needs are being met and the most cost effective solution is being utilized. This is done in conjunction with the insured, his attending physician, and the medical facility. For services obtained within the designated provider network in Saudi Arabia, pre-authorization should be sent to GU by the designated provider and not by the member.

Pre-authorization is required for the following:

In-hospital Admission, Extension of Hospital stay, Daycare Services, MRI/CT Scan/EMG/ECG, and Physiotherapy, all dental, maternity and optical treatment & non-emergency out-patient services exceeding the limit mentioned on insurance ID card.

Treatment within the designated provider network (Direct Billing):

Gulf Union Al Ahlia will issue Medical I. D Card(s) to each member: Whenever a member visits a provider that is a part of the designated network, the member should present his Medical I.D. Card to the medical providers’ receptionist, who will verify membership and provide a medical expenses claim form. The member should complete this giving his details on the Claim Form and signing the members’ section prior to visiting the attending medical practitioner.

Procedure for Treatment or settlement of claims outside the Designated Network / Outside the Area of Cover (Reimbursement basis):

The member MUST obtain pre-authorization from GU.2. The member must pay 100% of all charges to the medical provider at the time of treatment.3. To obtain reimbursement the member must submit original documents (photocopies are not acceptable).

Emergency Treatment:

In case of emergency you should use the nearest medical provider. If the medical provider is non-designated, you must advise Gulf Union Al Ahlia promptly, taking into account your physical condition. Gulf Union Al Ahlia will then advise you on pre-authorization and will liaise with you and the medical provider regarding your treatment. In an emergency we would not expect the member to contact us beforehand. However, please ask someone to telephone us as soon as practicable so that we are made aware of your case. Why choose Gulf Union Al Ahlia for your medical insurance? We believe that what really makes Gulf Union Al Ahlia healthcare different from other medical insurance provider is our personal touch. We treat people the way they should be treated – as individuals, not as numbers. Not only are our employees friendly, professional and efficient, they also have it their business to help and look after you.

Medical Provider Network in Saudi Arabia

To provide you with the very best healthcare cover Gulf Union Al Ahlia has established a wide network of hospitals and clinics (known as designated care provider network) throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The ‘designated care provider network’ has been specifically designed bearing you in mind for the best in healthcare. However, if necessary and relevant treatment(s) are not available within our ‘designated care provider network’, appropriate arrangements are then made to ensure that the required treatment(s) can be provided.

Interested in Medical Insurance? To get a quote from Gulf Union Al Ahlia healthcare:

  • For individual medical quote: Please complete an Individual application form and email or fax it to us. To give you a personalized quote you will need to provide us with complete information including medical history, if any.
  • For group medical quote: Please complete a group application form and email or fax it to us. Alternatively call us our customer service team will assist you to answer to your questions.

These questions and answers are designed to help clarify some of the concepts, but are not considered a legal reference to any dispute, as the first reference will be the insurance policy and its terms.

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1. Ordinary fire insurance, designed to provide protection against loss or damage by fire and lightning in the case of buildings and contents, including, if desired, loss of rent while the premises are inhabitable, and architects’ and surveyors’ fees in connection with reinstatement.

In this class of business you can negotiate the following sections, which are distinguishable:

• Subsidence of ground, heave, landslip, erosion unless caused by fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft, impact, earthquake, riot, labor disturbances, storm, tempest or flood.
• Change in temperature.
2. Extra perils.These include Fire and Allied Perils Insurance covering loss and damage arising out of Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Earthquake, Storm, Flood, Impact, Malicious Damage, Civil Commotion, Subsidence, and Spontaneous Combustion, Sprinkler Leakage etc. by an endorsement for an ordinary fire policy.
3. Property All Risk policies are a modern development in the popular comprehensive cover on the buildings and contents that are accidentally physically lost, destroyed or damaged by perils from external source other than those specifically excluded as:
• Loss of profits: Polices under this heading provide an indemnity in respect of loss of profits (including increased cost of working), as distinct from loss of capital, consequent upon fire. Consequential loss Insurance covers Business establishments from financial losses caused by interruption of their business following loss of or damage to the property from insured perils.
• Household Insurance: Policy under this insurance covers loss of or damage to the contents whilst contained in the insured building.
  • Electrical or Mechanical Breakdown of Machinery or Equipment
  • A clear written offer (by proposal form, or broker’s slip ).
  • A fully completed Survey Report, incorporating a sketch plan of the risk, showing distances between buildings.
  • For industrial risks, full details of the manufacturing process, hazardous materials, storage details, type of plant and source of power.
  • For other risks (even private villas); details of valuables and how they are safeguarded, (type and position of safes, details of alarm systems).
  • Any theft (or “all risks” cover on jewellery, works of art etc., requires an itemized valuation, and photographs of the property).Surveys must be made by our In-house Risk Assessor and approved by the General Manager, before being accepted as correct underwriting information. However, if the risk is of high sum insured or of a risky nature, the General Manager will decide to appoint an independent Risk Assessor to make a pre-risk survey.

What is Fire Insurance?

Fire insurance is a form of protection against any unfortunate destruction or damage to property due to fire. Cover under the fire insurance policy can be extended to include other additional perils as detailed below at an additional cost.

• Riot and Strike
• Malicious Damage
• Explosion
• Cyclone, Storm and Tempest
• Flood
• Impact Damage
• Bursting & Overflowing of Water Tanks
• Electrical Extra
• Earthquake
• Aircraft Damage

What can be covered under a fire policy?

• Under a fire policy any business premises, private dwelling or any other tangible property can be covered.
• Items covered could be, for example: buildings, furniture, electronic or electrical items, stocks etc.
• Further if the Insured wishes to cover him/her against any loss of rent or removal of debris after the occurrence of a loss or damage separate amounts in respect of these additional covers should be declared.

What does “sum insured” mean?

The value represents the actual cost, which would be incurred to replace/rebuild the insured property at the time of loss or damage to that property.

What are the requirements to purchase a fire insurance policy?

The proposer of the policy should first and foremost have a financial interest in the assets being proposed for insurance, ie. he/she should stand to lose financially in the event of loss or damage to such assets.

Secondly, the proposer should submit a proposal form (which can be obtained by any of Gulf Union Al Ahlia Representatives/Offices). The proposal form should disclose all details, which are true to the insured’s best knowledge and other information, which the proposer may feel is relevant.

Any other details should be produced at the insurer’s request, wherever necessary.

What will be the cost of a fire insurance policy?

The cost of a fire insurance policy will depend on the
• Perils to be covered
• The value of the items covered
• The usage of the premises proposed for insurance
• The location details of the premises proposed for insurance etc

Hence it is advisable to obtain a quotation

In the event of loss or damage what should be the procedure to be followed?

If loss or damage occurs, it is the responsibility of the insured to act with reasonable care to minimize the loss wherever possible. In short, the insured should do everything in his capacity to minimize the loss as much as possible as in a situation where he/she would have acted if there were no insurance cover.

Secondly the Civil Defense should be informed and a report should be obtained from them. The insurance company should also be informed as soon as possible regarding any loss that has occurred.

Please contact Gulf Union Al Ahlia Cooperative Insurance Company for further details.

These questions and answers are designed to help clarify some of the concepts, but are not considered a legal reference to any dispute, as the first reference will be the insurance policy and its terms.

Mr. V. Muraleedharan
Underwriting Manager
Tel: (+966) 13 833 3544 Ext. 1127
Fax: (+966) 13 833 3517
Mobile: (+966) 0553492164


Product Class: Product Names:

Marine Cargo : Marine Open cover policy Marine Individual policy

Introduction: Define of the Product & GU Added Value (Competitive Advantages) Statement

What are the types at coverage that available? Three types of coverage are available and namely the institute cargo clause (A), (B) and (C). Briefly, Clause (A) covers all Risks of loss or damage to cargo except those excluded by the standard exclusions, such as delay, ordinary loss in weight or volume, ordinary wear and tear, insufficient and unsuitable packing and inherent vice. Institute Cargo clauses (B) and (C) provide less comprehensive coverage compared to clause (A).

Advantages of the Product (Benefits&Exclusions):

Marine Open Cover is a special arrangement given to customers who have many shipments a month. The terms of cover, limit per carrying per conveyance, rate is specified out in the marine open cover. All shipments which fall within the marine open cover are automatically covered. What the customer needs to do is to declare at the end of each month, the details of each shipment on a declaration form. The form to be submitted via email or fax to marine underwriting dept. An insurance policy for the declared month will be issued to reflect all the shipments declared for the month. Marine cargo individual policy. These policies issued on each and every shipment up on request by the insured.

Additional Benefits and Extensions:

It offers protection against losses and/or damages to goods during transportation. Losses are covered even if they occur before details of the shipments have been given to the insurer. The policy remains in force indefinitely until cancelled, usually by either party giving thirty days’ notice of cancellation ( insurers reserve the right to) withdraw war risks cover fallowing seven days’ notice. The method of premium payment can be tailored to suit the insured needs, annual adjustable quarterly or monthly declaration. Extensions : What risks can be covered? A variety of risks can be covered but the most common and widest are the institute cargo clauses (A) which cover loss or damage to goods. In addition, war risks, strikes, riots and civil commotions may be insured. War and strikes are rated from an agreed scale to which all insurers are bound. The risks insured are defined in sets of condition called the institute clauses. These are issued by the institute of London underwriters they are under stood globally and are used widely. Some types of loss are not insured. The marine exclusions are losses or expense proximately caused by: Will full miss conduct of the insured, inherent vice or nature of goods ordinary leakage, loss in weight, wear and tear of goods. etc.

Product Class: Product Names:

Marine Hull

Introduction: Define of the Product & GU Added Value (Competitive Advantages) Statement:

The hull insurance covers physical damage / loss to the vessel caused by fire, explosion and other marine perils. It also covers damage to machinery and other equipment and apparatus installed on the vessel. Collision liability can also be covered.

Advantages of the Product (Benefits&Exclusions):

The most significant benefits of this insurance are to protect: Your financial investment in your vessel up-to an agreed value if it is lost or damaged due to an accident. You for your legal liability to third parties in the event of an accident Exclusions: The policy does not cover loss / damage due to: Deliberate damage / destruction of the vessel by wrongful act of any person. Use of any weapon of war employing atomic / nuclear fission and fusion. Radioactive Contamination, Chemical, Biochemical, Biological, Electromagnetic Weapons. Insolvency or financial default of the vessel owner / operators / charterers. War / civil war, strike, riot or civil commotion. Any terrorist or persons / acting with political motive.

Additional Benefits and Extensions:

Additional benefits and extensions to above cover are : War and strikes, riots and civil commotion cover. Terrorism cover. Passenger liability cover. Crew liability cover.

What is the meaning of hull?

The shell of the boat, deck, fixture, and fittings on deck or below deck that are not normally removable and would be normally sold with the boat.

What is protection & indemnity?

The liability coverage is called protection and indemnity. In addition to paying for damage your cause boats and properties it provides coverage for legal coast, wreck removal, salvage fees, and pollution damage caused by boat

What is marine cargo insurance?

Marine cargo insurance covers the transportation of goods from one place to another. The mode of conveyance can be by sea, air, rail, road, parcel post or courier sending.

Why should I buy marine cargo insurance?

Marine cargo insurance gives peace of mind as it offers protection against losses/damages to goods during transportation.

Marine underwriting Dept.

  1. Abdul Elah Al Jayyousi    Ext. 1132-  Mobile +966 504 994 710 (Marine Underwriting Manager)
  2. Abdul Hakeem Al Marzook. Ext. 1144   Mobile +966 544 720 090 (Asst. Marine Manager)
  3. Abdul Hameed Al Akroosh   Ext. 1134   Mobile +966 530 091 006 (Supervisor Marine Underwriting)

Marine claims Dept.

  1. Salah Mustafa Ext. 1138 (Claims Manager)
  2. Hani Al Shali Ext. 1107 (Supervisor Claims)
  3. Naif Al Abandi Ext. 1145 (Data Encoder)


1. Contractors / Erection All Risk
This section of insurance covers Loss or damage, on a construction site, involving raw materials, construction works or plant and equipment. Also it could be extended to cover the Legal liability for bodily injury and/or property damage to third parties and damage to surrounding property.
2. Machinery Breakdown
Damage caused by the sudden physical breakdown of machinery. Faulty materials, such as defects in casting, design fault and incorrect use by employees.
3. Electronic Equipment Insurance
Covers any loss and/or damage to Computers, Laptops, Digital/Video cameras etc… caused by any insured peril e.g. fire, lightning, acts of God while at work, rest, being dismantled, moved, cleaning, inspection etc.
4. Deterioration of Stock
Damage to frozen, refrigerated or chilled foods by changes in rise or fall in temperature in the cold chambers following the breakdown or machinery or contamination by accidentally leaked refrigerant fumes.
5. Contractor’s Plant and Equipment
Covers all kinds of static plant, equipment, tools etc. Usually factories, refrigeration units etc., require such type of policy to protect their assets

Mr. V. Muraleedharan

Underwriting Manager
Tel: (+966) 13 833 3544 Ext. 1127
Fax: (+966) 13 833 3517
Mobile: (+966) 0553492164


Burglary Insurance

Theft involving forcible or violent entry to or exit from the premises.

This is to cover loss of or damage to property by burglary, housebreaking, and/or larceny in the case of private dwellings and business premises. The covers against theft from premises following violent or forcible entry or exit.


Comprehensive General Liability

Legal Liability of the Insured arising out of their operations for Third Party bodily injury and or Property Damage

Covers the Insured against all sums which the Insured shall become legally liable to pay in respect of

  1. accidental bodily injury to any person and
  2. accidental loss of or accidental damage to property happening in connection with the Insured’s business.


Employers’ liability.

Insured become legally obliged to pay as damages because of bodily injury to which this insurance applies caused by an occurrence and arising out of the insured’s business.

This class of business is designed to protect employer’s against their liability for accidents to employees.


Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Fraud or Dishonesty committed by an employee of the Insured

An all risks, theft or burglary policy will usually exclude losses due to theft by people legally on the premises. This obviously excludes losses caused by employee theft. Such losses are covered under a Fidelity Guarantee policy.

Loss caused by the dishonesty or fraud of the employee. The insurance will be operative in respect of the misappropriation of both cash and goods.

Covers direct pecuniary losses following fraudulent embezzlement by an employee or employees who are entrusted with money, stock etc. or who have signing authority.


Money Insurance

Housebreaking or Theft whilst in the strong room/safe or during transit

Cash, bank and currency notes, cheques, money orders, postal orders and current postage stamps are excluded from the cover given by a fire insurance policy and a separate money policy is usually required. This is written on an “All Risks” basis to cover any accidental loss or damage but will exclude or limit cover for employee dishonesty. Cover can extend to money in or out of a safe on business premises, in the home of any director or employee, in a safety deposit box, in transit to or from the bank or in the hands of bill collectors. One particular area that needs to be considered is the definition of money.

( Suggested 5 to 12 Lines)


Personal Accident

Death or Permanent Total Disability or Permanent Partial Disability due to accident .

The insurance carries a number of benefits which are

  • Accidental Death
  • Permanent Total Disability
  • Permanent Partial Disability

Individual Personal Accident Insurance covers losses resulting directly and independently of all other causes from bodily injuries caused by an accident on or off duty or anywhere in the world.

The Sum Insured can be selected to suit individual requirements.

Additional Benefits and Extensions:

1. No Medical Examinations are required to enroll in the plan.

2. Personal Accident plans are designed to be affordable and it is cost savings for family enrolment.

3. Personal Accident plans are low cost supplement to your life insurance cover.

4. Personal Accident plans offer 24 hours worldwide protection.

5. Most Personal Accident Plans cover accidental medical expenses reimbursement


Public Liability

Legal Liability of the Insured arising out of their operations for Third Party bodily injury and or Property Damage.

Indemnities are provided in respect of legal liability for Accidental bodily injury to, or damage to the Property of, third parties (i.e., members of the public) caused by the negligence of the Insured or of his employees, or by defects in his ways, works, premises, machinery, or plant. There are many separate types of policies specially adapted to particular risks, such as public authorities, cinemas and theaters, estate owners and farmers, and property owners’ indemnities. The later class of policy limited to legal liability for accidents caused by defects in building


Public & Products Liability

Legal Liability of the Insured arising out of their operations for Third Party bodily injury and or Property Damage including Products

Covers the Insured against all sums which the Insured shall become legally liable to pay in respect of accidental bodily injury to any person and accidental loss of or accidental damage to property happening in connection with the Insured’s business.


Workmen’s Compensation.

Work related accidents during working hours and during travelling to and from the work site.

Workers Compensation insurance covers an employer for their legal liability to employees in accordance with the Saudi Labour Law.

Covers compensation payable by an employer to his employees, following injuries caused by work related accidents as per Saudi Labour Law.

Person to contact

Mr. V. Muraleedharan
Underwriting Manager
Tel: (+966) 13 833 3544 Ext. 1127
Fax: (+966) 13 833 3517
Mobile: (+966) 0553492164


Group LIFE:
There are two classes of insurance under Life Insurance – Group Life and Accident or both under one policy that provide a lump of payment in the event of death, and also for full and restricted liability. Cover is worldwide (with exception of few countries) and operating on a 24 hours basis.
This insurance coverage designed to provide life insurance for the employees of an organization. Group Life Insurance benefit can be obtained by an Employer to give the Employee a greater sense of security. Minimum of 10 members are required for a Group Life Insurance Scheme. The following covers could be obtained under Group Life Insurance Benefit policy.
• Death
• Accidental Death
• Permanent Total Disability
• Permanent Partial Disability
• Medical Expenses
• Repatriation Expense

Person to contact:

Mr. V. Muraleedharan
Underwriting Manager
Tel: (+966) 13 833 3544 Ext. 1127
Fax: (+966) 13 833 3517
Mobile: (+966) 0553492164