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Summary of Coverage

Gulf Union Al Ahlia understands the importance of keeping your Vehicle running all the time. Unfortunately, everybody is in danger of making accidents during their way with their vehicles, even when parking! That can lead to loss of money and time. Gulf Union Al Ahlia can provide you with the proper coverage to ensure that you will not have to pay to repair vehicles or for treatment in such unfortunate even God forbids.

The Auto plan is a commitment from Gulf Union Al Ahlia that if you make an accident against others, it will be there to make the necessary arrangement for repair and/or treatment (according to your plan type)! So why take the risk and drive your vehicle without Auto Insurance!!!

The Auto Insurance Plans come as you might need to better protect your vehicle(s) and have your business and lifestyle continue without paying thousands from your pocket! You may need Third Party Liability Insurance that does not include the cost of your vehicle if you made mistake while driving. Moreover, a better plan is Comprehensive that covers you and third parties. These plans will guarantee that you do not lose your vehicle even if you were wrong (God forbids). All plans are accepted by Traffic Police Department and according to the regulators laws.

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Health Insurance

The Health Insurance Plan is providing you access to instant treatment (God forbids) in case of an illness during the term of policy. It helps your peace of mind to get the proper care while not spending your money. Hence, you will have no disruption of your financial plans due to unfortunate health impediment. The Health Care Insurance Plan can be chosen according to what’s best suit your needs. The available plans can range from Classic to VVIP. Gulf Union Al Ahlia has set for you deals with recognized Health Care Providers across the kingdom. For updated list of providers please contact our Customer Service or fill a request at Contact Us page.

The Classic Plan is in accordance with the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance minimum standards.The benefits can be increased according to your needs. The plan can be provided to all Saudi residents and expatriates. However the health insurance is compulsory for all employees and their dependants working in private sectors.

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Hospitals for the Classic class requires referral from dispensary – المستشفيات لفئة الكلاسيك تستوجب التحويل من المستوصفات